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A red-haired female blood elf ran into the Sanctum, she had worry in her eyes as she gazed between each startled Warlock. She paused on one Blood elf with golden hair and sighed in relief,

"Lythnar, I'm glad you are okay! Sheor'ath wants you to come back," she said in relief.

Lythnar turned slowly as he concentrated on a shadowy orb hovering between his palms,

"Haleira, I'm not coming back. I can't…" He replied in a worn out voice, sweat dripped down his face as he tried to keep the orb of shadow from vanishing.

"W-What…?" she uttered as she took notice to the shadow he concentrated on, "Lythnar, what are you doing?" She asked.

"I'm a Warlock now… It is a long story, and I need to get back to work before my master returns and doesn't see any progress… Tell Sheor'ath and Kyrnis that I'm sorry," Lythnar replied as he turned his back on Haleira.

Haleira sighed and touched Lythnar's shoulder, she tried to pull him with her, "You can tell them yourself," she said with a pouty tone. Lythnar's concentration broke and he growled in frustration. He broke free and turned on Haleira, his eyes turned demonic as well as his hands.

"A-rul shach kigon!" He growled in Demonic. He leapt for Haleira with his clawed demonic hand outstretched. He fell short when a dark metal pole slammed into his ribs, making him fall to the ground,

"Now, now Lythnar, why would you want to want to eat the heart of this mage?" teased Sallaria as she leaned on the pole.

Lythnar began to revert as he slowly curled into a ball while uttering a pained whimper,

"Haleira… I-I'm s-sorry… but you must go…" He uttered.

"You should have listened to him, mage… Now I have to wait for him to regain his strength before teaching him more spells…" Sallaria hissed softly.

Haleira slowly backed away before running out of the sanctum, Sallaria smiling to herself as she left.

"Good riddance," she muttered to herself "serves her right interrupting my lesson," she sighed while kneeling down by Lythnar.


Lythnar rubbed the sleep from his eyes while stifling a yawn. He waited in the center of the room wearing black robes and small shoulder pads for easy arm movement. Sallaria searched through scattered papers on her desk while muttering a few curses in both Thalassian and a strange guttural language.

"Chouri!" she shouted over her shoulder "Where is my Fel Crystal?" she shouted once more.

A small grey creature that resembled a grell surrounded in green fires dashed into the room holding a green crystal and handed it to Sallaria. Before Lythnar could get a full look at the creature, it vanished muttering something about being used.

"Alright, we can start your lesson…" Sallaria said calmly as she placed the crystal in front of Lythnar's feet. "Stand still," she said as her hand became engulfed in the same flames that covered the grell-creature.

The crystal grew in size and started to levitate in front of Lythnar, radiating in a green aura like Sallaria's hand.

"Your first lesson is seeing what you truly are within," she explained. Lythnar looked at the crystal and saw his reflection; after a few short seconds it began to change, his skin and hair turned into a sickly purple, his eyes turned into a bright violet bearing a demonic look rather than his usual Sin'Dorei eyes. His chest was bear, but he saw glowing violet rune-like marks show on either side of his chest. His face showed them too.

Lythnar watched as the demonic reflection mimicked his movements all while smiling darkly at him,

"The Demonic side of you hungers, and you will have to sate that hunger…" Sallaria explained.

"How can I sate this…Hunger?" Lythnar asked.

"It differs from each Warlock, mine for example is Destruction… You will know when you learn your first spells, by what comes naturally to you." She replied.

Lythnar watched his reflection for a moment longer before the crystal shrunk and fell back to the floor. Sallaria picked it up and placed in on a bookshelf behind her and pulled down a black tome with red runes on the front.

"Study this tome and take notes. I expect you to know it well before I even teach you to a single spell. I will be back in a few hours; I'm leaving my Voidwalker, Grimnar to keep an eye on you." Sallaria said as she fastened a cloak around her shoulders.

As she left a creature radiating in shadow came from her shadow and slithered over to Lythnar. Gold jeweled braces were on its wrists and his eyes burned like purple fire. Lythnar looked down to the tome and opened it; the strange text of the tome was in a language he didn't know.

"How can I study something in a different language?" Lythnar asked himself.

'You foolish elf, you need me to read this…' hissed a shadowy voice from within his head.

Lythnar paused for a moment and allowed himself to relax, he felt his body grow cold, when he opened his eyes, the text of the tome had went from the odd symbols to letters. Lythnar gasped in astonishment and was compelled to read the tome.

When Sallaria had returned with an armful of items, Lythnar was looking over his notes. He had written them in Thalassian and the strange language. His former mage self made him do so. He looked up to Sallaria while rubbing one of his eyes,

"I see you figured how to harness your inner demon to read the tome," Sallaria said as she noticed one of Lythnar's eyes looking like the violet demon eye from earlier.

"I didn't figure it out; my inner demon insulted me…" Lythnar replied.

Sallaria chuckled and placed the items she had on the desk, she organized scrolls, odd trinkets, and some tailoring supplies. Sallaria then pulled a hearthstone out of her pocket and placed it on the table.

"Now that you are done studying the tome, I can start teaching you how to harness shadow, come over here…" Sallaria said as she dusted off her hands.

Lythnar rose to his feet with a groan from his legs aching. He stumbled at first from the blood rushing back into them, but eventually made it over to Sallaria. He was handed the gem that once held the demon now resting inside him,

"Put this on, you will need its power," Sallaria commanded.

Lythnar was reluctant at first, but took the gem's dark grey chain and pulled it over his head. The gem dangled from the chain by a small ring bearing tiny carvings of the script he had red from the tome. He went to examine it but could only make out the word, demon before Sallaria gained his attention by clearing her throat.

"The gem still holds some of the demon's shadow essence, it will come handy for this lesson," Sallaria explained.

She pushed past Lythnar and grabbed his forearm, pulling him into a larger room with floating green crystals similar to the one Sallaria used earlier that morning. Pillows were strewn across a large crimson carpet under gossamer crimson drapes.

"This is where the other acolytes practice their spells, this is the Sanctum, but I am aware you already knew that..." Sallaria explained.

Lythnar remained silent, feeling a pang of sorrow in his heart. Sallaria released his arm and took a few steps back. She raised her arms while taking a deep breath. A green cloud covered her body, it changed between purple and black as it shrunk to a small orb the size of Lythnar's fist.

"To summon the shadow, you need to relax and concentrate. Your inner demon radiates in this shadow while trapped inside the Void Gem. When the acolytes are sent to get these gems, the demon enters their mind, leaving behind a small trace of shadow for the acolyte to use when starting their training… if they survive the demon's mental domination…" Sallaria explained.

"And what about after the shadow remnants are gone?" Lythnar asked.

"After the acolyte harnesses the shadow essence left by the demon, the shadow becomes connected to them and they can call upon their demon's magic to create spells like Shadowflame, Shadow bolt, or my favorite, the corruption spell," Sallaria replied as she dispelled the orb.

Sallaria pulled a small crystal from under her robes and held it out,

"This is my void gem, it has no use anymore, but it is always fun carrying it as a trophy to me for surviving the demonic domination of my training," Sallaria explained as she tucked it back under robes.

"I always wondered why some acolytes survive this test, is it based on the mind's strength?" Lythnar asked.

Sallaria sighed softly,

"I always get asked that question. No it is on how well the acolyte has studied in demonic control in their early days of training. The acolyte has to train for six months before being sent out by their master warlock to the location of the Void Stones," Sallaria replied once more.

Lythnar nodded and slightly shivered from a chill radiating down his spine. His demon laughed darkly deep within his mind.

"Alright, enough chatter and back to your lesson," Sallaria said in a strict tone.

Lythnar took a deep breath and waited for Sallaria to start her lesson,

"Alright, if you remember from your days as an apprentice mage, you should have learned to concentrate whenever you wanted to draw power into the form of fire, ice, or arcane. That is the same thing when it comes to shadow," she started.

Lythnar nodded and raised his arms as if he were about to ready himself to cast a spell.

"Concentrate on the Shadow like you would for a fire spell…" Sallaria added.

Lythnar thought hard and tried to summon forth the shadow,

"Use the shadow of your inner demon to cover your hand," Sallaria noted.

Lythnar closed his eyes and thought hard to draw the shadow from within the gem; sweat started to cover his brow but after a few strained breaths, shadow erupted from his palm and covered his hand like a flame.

"Good, now hold concentration…." Sallaria nodded in approval.
And here is chapter two... finally after I kept on getting distracted with ideas for model edits ^^;

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(c) Blizzard owns the rest
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