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"There is no genius without a touch of madness"

Vaesha by mks8

I was born in Louisiana, and moved to Washington when I was three. I Graduated from High School and have a dream to become a published writer. I've been writing since I was twelve years old, being self taught. The only class I took was in my senior year, but it was just to fill an empty class period. I'm still learning, but I plan to get to a static style that I can call my own.

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How does your character handle "normal" activities/situations? If they have any kind of special powers, they aren't allowed to use them!

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Tanadia , The-Cerzz , and Rose-Of-Pyrewood 

Since I was tagged three times, I'm going to do three characters for this! Vaesha, Zorahstrasza, and Alabast

Colab-Contest Prize: Vaesha by The-Serene-MageAlabast by The-Serene-MageCollab: Zorah by The-Serene-Mage

1.) Your OC is going fishing. Are they good at it or do they fail horribly at trying to catch a fish?

Vaesha: After about twenty minutes, she'll jump into the river/lake/pond and chase after the fish and catch them in her teeth.

Zorahstrasza: She's good as long as she uses a net. If not... she fails horribly.

Alabast: They never have gone fishing in their entire life, so I assume that they could be a natural or a failure.

2.) Your OC has gone out to eat and they are stuck with a rude waitress!

Vaesha: She'd be rude back to the waitress and torment her.

Zorahstrasza: she'd try to get the waitress to not be rude.

Alabast: They'd go straight to the manager and report the said waitress.

3.) The dishes in the sink are piling up!

Vaesha: She'd clean them, taking her sweet time, but she'd do them... eventually (might take her a few hours xD)

Zorahstrasza: She'd bring out the steel wool (that exists in Azeroth, right?) and get to scrubbing.

Alabast: They'd clean them, grumbling that their guests don't clean up after themsevles (Alabast never leaves a dirty dish in their sink)

4.) Some kids broke your OC's window by playing ball outside!

Vaesha: Provided that she wasn't the one with the kids when the window broke, Vaesha would grab the ball and yell "WHY? OH WHY DID YOU HARM PHIL THE BALL AND FRANCHESCA THE WINDOW?!"

Zorahstrasza: She'd find the ball and return it, then get to work at fixing her window.

Alabast: They'd gather up the children and have them clean up the glass before they give the ball back. Kids need to be disciplined after all

5.) Someone is flirting with your OC's significant other!

Vaesha: She'd wouldn't really care since Sedric is free to choose, but at times, she can be seen making a line across her throat with her finger at the person flirting with him.

Zorah: She would accept it, knowing that her mate wouldn't stray far from her bed.

Alabast: They'd go towards the person and chase them off with a threat of reducing their life if they even glanced in their mate's general direction.

6.) Something's moving around the house late at night! Your OC goes to investigate!

Vaesha: Vaesha would shrug and go back to sleep since it was either Sedric if he wasn't asleep next to her, Sedric's Deathhound, Fluffy, or their adopted daughter, Sahri attempting to come to their room because she had a nightmare. But, if one of her wards went off, she'd go straight into attack mode.

Zorah: Zorah would search the house, thinking it was one of her pets. But would ahve her sword, Compassion with her in case there was an intruder.

Alabast: If there was an intruder, They'd regret entering their home since Alabast hardly sleeps and likes to torment their intruders.

7.) Oh no! The cookies got burnt!

Vaesha: She'd pout and sit at the table, slumped over with her lip puffed out and pretend to sniffle, while "crying" that her cookies had died.

Zorah: she'd be sad at first, but would toss them and make a fresh batch.

Alabast: probably had been called off to guide a soul and forgot about them.

8.) Your OC has tripped and fallen down the stairs!

Vaesha: she'd laugh for a good while before getting up to her feet to dust herself off before laughing once more, limping over to the nearest chair to drink some blood to heal.

Zorah: she'd grasp the railing with a death grip and try to calm her racing heart.

Alabast: they'd just shrug and get to their feet and continue onward.

9.) There's a big spider on the wall!

Vaesha: She'd name it Gertrude and let the spider be, unless it goes after her insectoid Alchemy Ingreditents then Gertrude is gone.

Zorah: she'd scream and call for her mate to come squish it.

Alabast: They'd take the spider and toss t out the window, putting it where it belonged before one of their ravens ate it

10.) Someone just threw a chair!

Vaesha: she'd duck and go on with her life, unless it was thrown on purpose, then she'd pull out her dagger and leap at the person, laughing like a maniac.

Zorahstrasza: She'd inquire why said person threw a chair.

Alabast: They'd shrug and return to what they were doing.

11.) Everyone except your OC was invited to this awesome party!

Vaesha: She'd crash it.

Zorahstrasza: She'd stay home and knit, bake, garden, or snuggle with her children and mate

Alabast: wouldn't give a flying fuck damn

12.) Your OC dropped the toast!

Vaesha: she would let Fluffy scarf it up.

Zorahstrasza: after screaming NO! She'd pick it up and toss it before making another.

Alabast: shrug and and toss it

13.) Your Character is playing battle ship with their best friend. Your OC loses!

Vaesha: She'd flip the gameboard and laugh because the pieces all landed in Sedric's hair

Zorahstrasza: She'd accept her loss

Alabast: They'd demand a rematch

14.) Someone in the room has farted and it smells horrible. How does your OC react?

Vaesha: She'd look straight to Fluffy and scold him, then stick her tongue out at Sedric when he casually blames her for feeding him toomuch hearts.

Zorahstrasza: she'd open the window and light some candles

Alabast: Smell doesnt really bother them so they'd hardly notice it

15.) A shady fellow offers your OC drugs.

Vaesha: Would offer some Skooma instead

Zorahstrasza: She'd turn it down.

Alabast: They'd tell the person who was offering that their life was just shortened by a good decade and move on.

16.) Your OC just got stung by a bee!

Vaesha: most likely from her collecting honey or the bees themselves, Vaesha would curse in Daedric at the bees and threaten to burn down their home, ignoring Sedric's laughs.

Zorahstrasza: She'd whimper in pain then get to work at removing the stinger and drinking a tonic to soothe the pain and swelling

Alabast: sigh and remove the stinger and continue walking, calling teh bee a fool.

17.) Your OC's friend is tickling them. 

Vaesha: she'd kick and squeal and ask for them to stop before she hurt them.

Zorahstrasza: she'd laugh and laugh and laugh until she was blue.

Alabast: Just sit/stand there and asking if the person was done or not.

18.) Its really early in the morning and the birds are singing very loudly outside your OC's window. 

Vaesha: She'd threaten to taint Auri'el's Bow and blacken the sun before falling back asleep.

Zorahstrasza: she'd wake up and listen to them.

Alabast: ignores them

19.) Your OC is forced to go "rustic" Camping. Can they handle roughing it for a few days?

Vaesha: She'd moan and complain that her feet hurt, then attempt to climb every tree she lays her eyes upon to keep herself entertained.

Zorahstrasza: she'd be thrilled and would LOVE the chance to do so.

Alabast: would just sit still the entire time.

20.) Its storming heavily outside.

Vaesha: she'd go dancing in it, singing VERY loudly and off key on purpose

Zorahstrasza: she'd listen to the rain as she relaxed with a cup of tea.

Alabast: would tone it out

21.) a bird just flew into the window!

Vaesha: would jump in fright at first, then try to find it before Fluffy finds it and eats it

Zorahstrasza: She'd run out and attempt to rescue the bird, nursing it back to health.

Alabast: Ignore the bird

22.) Someone is ordering pizza! What would your OC want on it?

Vaesha: Doesn't really enjoy mortal food, would just ask for anchovies and then not eat it.

Zorahstrasza: she's asked for ham/canadian bacon

Alabast: nothing, just cheese

23.) Your OC is going on Vacation! Where would they go?

Vaesha: She'd go to Cyrodiil and bring Sedric to every place that had an impact on her life.

Zorahstrasza: she'd go Eversong Woods, or Ashenvale Forest.

Alabast: The Spirit World, either that, The Howling Fjord or The Ghostlands

24.) Your OC and their significant other just had a lovers spat! What happens afterward?

Vaesha: Depending on how bad it was, she'd cry and cry and mope if Sedric left. If he went to another room, she'd sit outside the room and attempt to gather the courage to go inside and apologize to him.

Zorahstrasza: She'd feel upset and go sit in her garden and cry for a bit and to clear her head.

Alabast: Shrug, and move on. Most likely their mate would be bitter for a few hours, but they're used to it

25.) Its uncomfortably warm. How does your OC handle it?

Vaesha: Well, to annoy Sedric, she'd sit around in her small clothes. Then moan and complain to him, complaining that she's melting, and continue to being a pain in his butt.

Zorahstrasza: She'd dress in light layers and spend most of the day outside in the breeze if there is one, if not she'd sit inside and do minimal movement to keep herself cool

Alabast: ignore it and go on with their life.

26.) Okay, now its really cold out!

Vaesha: she'd cling to Sedric, annoying him as she sticks her cold feet or hands on him (on purpose) in attempts to get warm.

Zorahstrasza: She'd snuggle with her mate.

Alabast: Ignore it and
 go on with their life.

27.) Your OC has stepped in cat puke! Gross!

Vaesha: She'd shudder in disgust and go clean it off.

Zorahstrasza: she'd worry that one of her cats might be sick as she cleans it up.

Alabast: grumble and search for the feline.

Tag some people!
Dasacht095 , FeatherhowlArt , RainSong777 , Paraspriteful and anyone else who wants to do this.

Art I'm waiting for

PC from Tanadia 

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ArtByEdyn Contest Prize Waist-up colored crappy drawing of Lunaire
ho9-Ve Contest Prize (Waiting for info)

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Skin Art: Zaellrin

I'm going to have Malikgos lose a limb, maybe two... Help me decide between: 

5 deviants said an arm
2 deviants said or both an arm and a leg
1 deviant said a leg


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